What types of jobs are regarded as emergency plumbing in Nuneaton?

The winter months generally increase the number of emergency plumbing callouts across Nuneaton, but what types of problems are typically deemed emergencies? This article will examine the four main reasons a plumber is needed in an emergency.

Bursting pipes

Pipes can be susceptible to bursting in icy weather; should the pipe give way, it can cause untold damage to your property. No matter how small, you should locate the stop valve and shut off the water if you detect a leak, leaving you without running water until the leak is fixed, constituting an emergency callout.

Toilet problems

If the sole toilet in your property is overflowing or blocked, this scenario is one of the messiest in the plumbing industry and a guaranteed emergency. Finding a plumber who can quickly fix the toilet or unblock the u-bend is paramount.

Water outlet damage

If one of the primary water outlets in your property is broken, it can prevent you from accessing water for cooking and cleaning. If you need to switch off the stop valve, it will leave you without running water, so you need a plumber in as soon as possible.

A lack of hot water

During the winter, the chances of your immersion heater failing is more likely than at any other time of year. If you cannot generate hot water, a plumber will be on hand to get you up and running quickly.

If you have a plumbing emergency and live in Nuneaton, contact our team without hesitation for an expert emergency response.