How an electrician keeps your building compliant and safe

For landlords, home and business owners in Nuneaton, ensuring your building’s electrics are safe is one of the primary concerns. There are many rules to safeguard property occupants, and we’ll run through some of these to demonstrate how an electrician keeps your building compliant.

NICEIC Courses

All our electrical services are performed by electricians who are NICEIC qualified. Industry leaders devise the NICEIC courses with the sole intention of providing an electrician with the ability to perform any electrical service in any conditions.

Rewiring properties

If the wiring in your property has been in place for over twenty-five years, it’s advisable to employ an electrician to assess the condition and potentially rewire the property. Wiring that has deteriorated is potentially dangerous, whereas new wiring can increase the energy efficiency of a property in Nuneaton and save money.

PAT Testing and EICR

EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tests evaluate the condition of all wires, electrical installations such as fuse boxes and portable appliances like kettles. It is recommended that PAT tests are conducted annually, and if you’re a landlord, an EICR must be performed every five years or before a new tenancy commences.

Smoke alarms

One of the most noticeable ways an electrician can help keep you safe in your home or business is through smoke alarm installation and inspection. Maintaining a fully working smoke alarm is one of the simplest ways to protect yourself against electrical fires.

If you own a property in Nuneaton and would like a NICEIC-qualified electrician to assess the safety of your electrics, get in touch today.